Gigi D'Amico



To know Gigi D’Amico is to know the shoes, the music and the style he creates.
Half Italian and half Spanish, Gigi was born in Catania, Sicily. He lived in London where he went to school for music production-business-sociology, and he now designs shoes and produces music in Barcelona.

Gigi’s style within the music and fashion, combines the eclectic and experimental with traditional sounds and materials.
His shoe designs are inspired by his music, his background and his passion for Italian classic cinema.

He fearlessly incorporates innovative new trends with timeless silhouettes, while always staying true to his Italian heritage.

All of his shoes are handmade.

These shoes, classic yet invigorated with a modern freshness, are for the eclectic, the young, the experimental, the cool street wear fashion bloggers, and for anyone who wants a piece of old world luxury that is not found today.
Against the current of the mass produced world, Gigi D’Amico is striving to  hand craft a unique product for the diverse and remarkable trendsetters of today.  His shoes are a contemporary affirmation of the permanence of old-world craftsmanship.