“These handmade shoes , classic yet, are for the eclectic, the young, the experimental, the cool street wear fashion bloggers, and for anyone who wants a piece of old world luxury that is not found today.”

90 Clown250,00
Thunder Boots448,00
The Side Man414,00
90 Clown250,00
Thunder Boots448,00
The Side Man414,00


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Unique Italian Shoes

Ladies and gentlemans, the italian shoes tradition is based on the pleasure of producing beauty and quality products.

More than 100 operations are needed in the production of each pair of handmade italian shoes it is  complex and it needs experience and expertise.

In general the shoes production from the mass quantity to the made to order single pair have the same basic procedure, but in this reading, going deeply into our shoes production process, in mens or womens shoe production we can spot some difference very important for us.

The stylist and designer Gigi D’Amico, italian with a spanish mother, starts designing the shoe mold after being covered with paper tape, this is the first approach of putting down ideas which have been elaborated sometimes before drawing on paper and composing with a computer software where it takes seconds to just test different colors for example.

Another creative process can starts instead, from materials: italian leather production is well known,

Regulars visits at leathers fair like ‘Linea Pelle’  is important, collecting a big amount of samples some idea comes out directly looking at a specific material.

After various design tests, the paper tape goes from the mold to cardboard, from 3d to 2d, here now, on the table, we have our model which needs special technique to be well represented in 2d.

The first prototype (we make it to test the model and the comfort wearing it)  is made with not prestigious materials but taking care of the elastic capacity of this material which should match the one of the elected final luxury material.

The process which represents a very important of handmade italian shoes is the leather cutting: experts hands search for the best part, texture, direction and position, here by hand the leather is cut, in mass production this process is made by laser pattern cutter which cuts perfectly every parts without any human swing or mistake.

So we all should use new technology to get the perfection? (the italian technology in this field is very high standard, since the fifties we had entiers cities having their economy based on the shoes production, from machines to final product, for example the italian town of Vigevano) in our opinion probably in certain fields like medicine definitely yes, but in art, because we still believe that making a pair of shoes is art, we love to play inside that human tolerance of one part slightly different to the other, of course perfection is our aim and the italian manufacture knows how to do it.

the test model is sewn by other wise hands, all the parts together creates the upper, which is now ready to be mounted on the mold, as soon is on the mold even without closing it totally we can spot the precision of the model or mistakes to be corrected. The italian shoes can now go into the real creation process.

Now, even without the sole mounted we can get the shoes out of the mold and we can test how solid is the shoe., we can even wear it and have the first feedbacks.

If the model process creation, was correct, normally there are very minors changes to apply.

The model maker is a crucial person in the creation of fashion items, shoes included. The best italian shoes pattern makers are working with the most prestigious brands, but there are also many freelance. And they sale not only their work but also their know how.

After the model is ready it’s time to cut the selected leather for our luxury shoes. The italian method  process is repeated and soon we can see the shoes with the final materials selected from a wide set  of choice.

This time we have to wait various days for the glue to work perfectly and the leather takes the perfect shape.

What’s next?  is time to work on the sole: made of course with italian leather.

There are two different ways to produce the sole: made by specifics factories, (in Italy there are  still a lot of good factories)  or milled by hand.

We produce our handmade shoes with both techniques, the italian technique of handmade sole is very old and fortunately in our city, Catania, we have still some of the best person to do it.

A men or a woman wearing such a handmade shoe can feel the difference with a cheap product and womens knows it well also comparing sandals, sneakers and bags and men wearing comfortable loafers.

Everyones loves italian shoes

The italian shoes are some piece of well known fashion history also because is part of a tradition in fashion outfits, suit and dress, the italian style is recognizable from feet to head.

Gigi D’Amico is Striving to keep it at high level, follow online pur developments!